Program Overview

The Leadership Georgia Program is an educational experience rather than a program of advocacy.  It deals with issues confronting our state.

Five programs are scheduled at different locations in the state and consist of two days each in January, March, May, September, and November.

The current Leadership Georgia President is responsible for selecting the locations, theme, and program chair team for the year.  The program chair team consists of alumni who are responsible for a certain program during the year.

Nomination Process

Participation in Leadership Georgia is an honor and a privilege. For a participant, with that privilege comes a serious responsibility to take home the learnings of the Leadership Georgia class year and convert them to action. 

The process by which a class is chosen is rigorous.  Each year, the Leadership Georgia Selection Committee is faced with assembling a class for the coming year using criteria that is based not only on demonstrated leadership of the applicants, but a class that is also representative of our state on the basis of geography, age, gender, and race. With hundreds of applications to choose from every year, the Committee selects only 63 participants.

Each class year runs from January to December and exists of five two-and-a-half day programs.  Leadership Georgia’s programs are designed for spousal participation, and spouses are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Nominations open in Spring each year. 

After Leadership Georgia receives information for nominees, it mails applications and application instructions. The nominees complete and submit their applications in June, and by late September the Selection Committee decides upon the class and notifies each applicant. 

If you are interested in applying for a future Leadership Georgia class, please contact one of the following people in your area to nominate you:

  • Leadership Georgia Alumni
  • President of your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Georgia Chamber of Commerce Board Members
  • President of your local leadership program

Tuition is $4,000 and is due prior to the start of your class year.  Limited tuition assistance may be available upon request. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our office at 404-223-2294

2023 Program

  • Josh Turner
  • Jared Williams
  • Claire Walton
  • Jeretha Peters
  • Lindretta Kramer Grindle
  • Lamar Clark
  • Ali Booker
  • Crystal Ackles
  • Steve Adams
  • Kimberly Anderson
  • Sally Baker
  • Deidre Bembry
  • Courtney Bernardi
  • Sofia Bork
  • Val Brantley
  • Matthew Brass
  • Dahlia Brown
  • Adrian Burns
  • Michael Chiock
  • Jasmine Clark
  • Sonja Clark
  • Juli Clay
  • Stephanie Dammen-Morrell
  • Jeremy Daniel
  • Asher Dozier
  • Blake Elsberry
  • Michael Eshman
  • Kim Evans
  • Brandon Fleming
  • Adam Griffin
  • Erin Hames
  • Adam Hammond
  • Hayden Hancock
  • Ashley Henson
  • Carl Hill
  • Bobby Jones
  • Angie Kennedy
  • Daniel Knight
  • Veronica Maldonado Torres
  • Willie Mazyck
  • Chantz McClinic
  • Erica McGill
  • LeAndrea Mikell
  • Jonathan Miller
  • Natalie Morhous
  • Luke Moses
  • Shayne OReilly
  • Veronica Richardson
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Marjie Roquemore
  • Steve Sanders
  • Raj Shah
  • Kelly Shanklin
  • Bowen Shoemaker
  • Chris Sizemore
  • Lonnie Smallwood

Program Details

Nominations for the next Class:

Generally open in March of the preceding year.

Class announcements are then generally made by October that year.

Time Commitment:

1 year beginning January and runs through December
Five 2.5 day programs


Various locations across the state to showcase our different regions.